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spot [spot]

Our goal is to help you discover money. Whether you're a student searching for scholarships, an entrepreneur starting a business or just someone who wants to make your hard-earned money go farther. We provide the tools, resources and community to make these goals possible.

Everything we offer is completely free. We invite you to explore the site. Find some free money and participate in our moolahSPOT forums. As you connect with others who are working hard to find the money to make their educational or career dreams a reality, you, too, may decide to call yourself a moolahSPOTTER. This is our code word for those of us who share the values of hard work and education when it comes to making and saving money.

Right now we're in BETA. This means you may find some bugs and not all features are fully active. If you do find something wrong or have a suggestion for improvement please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. As with everything on the web we aim to constantly refine and improve moolahSPOT based on what you need.

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